Fairy Tail-Guild Battle/Dragon

Fairy Tail-Guild Battle/Dragon

0.0.8 for Android

The description and download of Fairy Tail-Guild Battle/Dragon

Relive your favorite moments from the manga fairy tail. The tale begins in Magnolia Town where Lucy has her fateful encounter with Natsu. With each Quest you complete another chapter unfolds allowing you to experience the magnificent story of Fairy Tail all over again!

The Magic world EarthlandLucy and Natsu awaits you!You can be the dragon slayer! Most fun mobile Anime RPG game "Fairy Tail"!We have more than 8000 five-star praiseworth trying!

Recruit slayers card who are in manga Fairy Tail complete the task been the strongest teamkill the dragonform the best guild with your favorite Fairy Tail mages!Collect card and become stronger!

Nearly 300 slayers card more than 100 equipmentstrong dragon and thousands of magic allowing the player full of fun and surprises.

Fairy Tail Anime RPG game awaits you! Natus Lucy and other slayers hope you join them to save the Anime Fairy Tail magic world!Most hot-blooded Anime RPG game and magic world are shocking attacked!Now you can have a wonderful magic journey!

[Game Features]
- Authentic and colorful -
Restore the true image of the second element respect the original cartoon
300 styles of Slayers there is always your favorite onealways Natsu and Lucy is here

[Free control of blood fighting]
Semi-automatic combat system farewell look at the game era the manual release of the strongest skills
Blood PVP combat create the strongest personal team

[One hit kill talent fetters]
Gorgeous kill effects rich talent yoke system
Natural skills the mysterious bond super bonus

[Farm forging Passion Guild]
Perfect farm system forging the strongest equipment
The strongest guild let you find your own home

[The big boss and guild task]
The srongset dragon in the magic world need all mages to kill them
Guil task need your mage to work together

[Second Origin]
Second Origin has openedmage can become stronger!Your talent must be activated!

Your can use treasure to buy every thing you wantedand Speed up the game processget more your favorite mages in fairy!

[Games Support]
If you encounter problems captain in the game please get help through the following ways
Facebook page https //
The official line id 3734895
QQ group 376 069 840

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