Goku Shin Budokai 2 Another Road

Goku Shin Budokai 2 Another Road

for Android

The description and download of Goku Shin Budokai 2 Another Road

Another Road’s self-titled story mode takes you down a new story arc exploring what happened after Trunks returns to his own time after the Z fighters defeated Cell. In the time line this game assumes a virus has killed Goku and the androids defeated the other strongest Z fighters leaving Trunks to fight Cell alone. Years after Trunks defeats Cell the world martial arts tournament is beginning again. This is where the game picks up and the Buu Saga begins in Trunks’ time line.
And thus the future world's battle with Majin Buu draws to a close.
With the destruction and death fixed the cities overflowed with people. With Future Babidi's ambitions crushed and Future Buu defeated
the Earth's future world is peaceful once more. However Goku and the other visitors from the past have not yet returned home.
Krillin wants to see his daughter Marron again however as it is a larger Time Machine it is not charged up yet.
While the Shin Budokai Fighters have some time to kill and Future Gohan wants to train with Goku. Since the World Martial Arts Tournament got canceled
Future Bulma suggests they ask Future Mr. Satan to arrange an exhibition match for them which motivates Vegeta.
He asks Trunks to call Future Mr. Satan right now and wants to have some matches and fight Goku.
Future Mr. Satan hears all about it and tells is going to help them out. Goku says it looks like this is going to be fun
but first he is kinda hungry and asks Future Bulma if they can get something to eat. Future Bulma says they do not have a choice and tells Vegeta to eat as well.
Vegeta obeys embarrassed by Future Bulma's authority he then proposes Goku an eating contest. Future has again survived a difficult future
and Future Bulma and the others once again live in peace.
After each mission you collect a power-up card. These cards improve your character’s stats making their Ki charge faster or improving their charge attacks. However the number of card slots available is limited for each fighter so choosing the cards wisely is necessary. Over the course of the story mode you will using Trunks’ time machine to travel back to meet the other heroes from the series. They help in missions by fighting enemies and giving them some good cards makes them less reliant on your help leaving you free to take out the main target.
Another Road is a simple enjoyable fighting game featuring a number of fan-favorite characters all wrapped up in a tidy portable package. But if you've already played any amount of the original Shin Budokai 2 the new story mode and card-based power-up system though interesting are just not enough.
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