Telekom Message+ RCS

Telekom Message+ RCS

RCSEAndr-16.191-B15801 for Android

The description and download of Telekom Message+ RCS

MESSAGE+ is your chat messenger with SMS/MMS and practical CALL+/VIDEOCALL+ functionalities – all in the one app.

Exclusively for customers of Telekom!

Free VideoCall with optional augmented reality effects and automatic emotion recognition currently in "under the sea" and "cats" themes for funny moments. Surprise your friends with themes such as soccer or tropical island. Video calling is possible with all mobile phones that have the "Message+" app installed. On mobile phones with lower performance the augmented reality functionality may be restricted. We recommend mobile phones from the Samsung Galaxy S8 S7 and S6 ranges or Google Pixel.

Encrypted individual/group chats based on RCS let users share photos videos music and locations and edit photos and whiteboard sketches etc. Your 11 conversations can also be held in a thread via RCS SMS and MMS. And all this in one app and without using up your data volume.

The Call+ widget also enhances the Message+ app with new and useful additional call functionalities. This enhances your call experience and lets you mark calls as "important" – or display the reason for the call a photo or your location while the phone is ringing. You can also hold video chats – without using up your data volume. And if no one answers simply leave a text or voicemail.

Download the app onto your smartphone free of charge and make Message+ your standard calling and messaging app. Your text messages always reach their intended recipient even if your friends aren't yet using Message+. Contacts also using RCS are displayed automatically with the Message+ icon. Use the green and white "Call+" "Message+" and "Video+" widgets to get direct access to all functionalities.

Send and receive chat messages including pictures straight from your web browser.

No other messenger can do this Message+ does not use up your data volume – not even for video chats or when sending files.

If you have a mobile phone contract with Deutsche Telekom using Message+ RCS in the German mobile network or Wi-Fi network does not cost you any extra. Only customers with Xtra Call Xtra Card or MagentaMobil Start without an SMS or data flat-rate have to pay 9 cents per message text photo video location etc.. Receiving RCS chat messages is free of charge for all Deutsche Telekom customers in Germany as well as in EU countries country group 1.

As opposed to other messengers you can rest assured that we will not pass your data and that of your friends on to third parties. You also retain the image rights. Thanks to the unique real-time comparison your address list is neither saved nor copied. This means that Message+ is secure. Use is encrypted in the Deutsche Telekom mobile network as well as via Wi-Fi. Your mobile number and your RCS chat messages text photo and other file formats are therefore protected during transfer.

RCS is available as apps from Deutsche Telekom and Vodafone for smartphones with iOS and Android. Like SMS RCS is already integrated into the operating system in most smartphones with Android and Windows Phone 8 or 10. You can find out more at If you are a customer of another mobile provider e.g. Congstar please contact customer service.

We look forward to hearing what you think on Google Play. You can also send e-mails to We appreciate your feedback – it helps us make the app better.

We hope you enjoy the app!
Your Deutsche Telekom
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