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The description and download of Wushu is a largest martial arts community online. is providing detailed information of martial arts styles martial arts competitions styles and forms Martial Arts Legends and Practitioners around the world.

At Martial arts fans around the world communicates with other martial artists and shares photos videos and other martial arts related information.

Important Features
1. Share Photos Videos Music Location Polls and more...
2. Create Pages
3. Create Groups
4. Live Chat with your friends
5. Share on Whatsapp Facebook Twitter Google+ and more social networking sites
6. Comments on posts
7. Share posts
8. Play Games
9. Invite Facebook Friends
and lots more... is providing detailed information of all Martial Arts around the World. It includes Aikido Arm Wrestling Boxing Capoeira Chinese Martial Arts Grappling Gymnastics Hapkido Jeet Kune Do Jiu-Jitsu Judo Jujutsu Kalari Kalaripayattu Karate Kendo Kick Boxing Kung fu Muay Thai Nanchuck Nine Section Whips Samurai Sanda Sanshou Self Defense Shaolin Kung Fu Shotokan Sparring Spear Straight Sword Sumo Sword Taekwondo Tai Chi Taiji Taolu Three Section Staffs UFC Ving Tsun Weapons Wing Chun Wing Tsun Wrestling Wushu WWF Yoga. is also providing detailed information of famous Martial Artists around the World.
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