1.0.3 for Android

The description and download of X-world

Regarding the end of service

This title service will end on the 26th of December 2016 at 1700 JST.
It will be available for download until the 24th of November 2016.
Thank you for your understanding.

5 vs 5 epic team battle!
Use your unique characters and win!

�out X-world
X-world is team battle action game on smartphone.
Players are part of a team. They command their own original characters to win.

◆Player vs player battle!
Connected players from all over the world can take part in battles.
The players who&aposll drop their enemies&apos war potential by crushing them and their facilities will win!
Enjoy great battles!

◆Team work is the key to victory!
Each player&aposs skills are important
but a good communication is essential to win.
Destroying the enemy&aposs generator to be able to cause a rampage!

◆Many characters!
Many characters such as a kung fu boy or a ninja master
are available in battle.

◆Your original battle deck!
Up to 4 characters can take part in a battle.
They can be chosen for their looks or their strength
for an original battle deck.

Chose your characters wisely!

�out the game
Title X-world
Genre team battle action game

◆System requirements
OS Android 4.3 minimum
CPU Quad-core minimum
RAM 2GB and minimum
Network Wi-Fi ADSL 10Mbps minimum

𠎺lthough they meet the above mentioned specifications some devices may not run the application.
※We do not guarantee a proper functioning on devices on which applications that are not supported by the manufacturer have been installed.
※We do not guarantee a proper functioning on rooted devices.
※We do not guarantee a proper functioning on virtual environments e.g. emulators.
※We do not guarantee a proper functioning if the application is not installed on the device internal storage.
※We do not guarantee a proper functioning on Android devices which do not have an ARM architecture.

◆Please note
Running X-world whereas the device has not enough free internal memory might lead to system malfunctions.
Running X-world whereas many other applications are running might lead to system malfunctions.

Make sure to start X-world for the first time from a place with a good coverage as a lot of data will be downloaded.

◆If the application does not run properly
X-world has been tested on devices on which Android 4.0.0 or above has been installed
but depending on your device or your network it may not run properly.
If the application does not run properly please make sure that you have a good network coverage and restart or re-install it.
If the problem persists
please contact us and indicate your device&aposs brand and model.

◆Reporting technical issues
In game technical issues have to be reported via the contact form available from our official website.
Technical issues reported on the review section may not be addressed.

𥱬ontact form

◆Official website

※Please make sure to read and understand the terms and conditions of the EULA which are available from our official website.
 Running the application will be considered as an acceptance of these terms and conditions.

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